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Color in your Kitchen

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A number of elements can provide your kitchen with color including your cabinets, appliances, walls, floors, countertops and décor. Every kitchen has these elements no matter how you cut it so keep color in mind next time you're out shopping for house ware supplies, accessories, curtains, etc. Why not treat yourself and your kitchen to a new color scheme to overhaul your ambiance for a comfortable and appealing space and transform your kitchen from a purely functional area into an ideal space for parties, family time, and delicious meals. Every kitchen should be so lucky to have a dual purpose of beauty and function and color is a simple way to get there.

Think about using a color palette to infuse energy into those four walls, or create a color palette that invites a soothing and relaxing atmosphere after a long hard day. To start I say to pick a color you love, one that attracts you and go from there. Pick a color because you love it, but also have an understanding of the effects that it produces.  Here are some general guidelines for thinking about your kitchen's color:

    • Dark tones are cozy and intimate.
    • Neutral earthy tones are soothing and calming and will make your appliances and décor pop.
    • Bright colors can give you energy.

As a basic design principle, stick to three or four colors at most. Using only one or two colors can make everything in the space look all the same and perhaps a bit dull. But if you go with a bold color be sure to incorporate at least one neutral shade to balance your bright colors. Lighter colors will create a bright and energetic space, or use a combination of light and dark colors. And the old principle holds true that lighter tones can make a small or medium sized room appear spacious. Also, think about how (if any) natural light the space gets during the day. You do not want to select a color that works at night but not at the height of the sun during the day.

There's no right or wrong way for your kitchen to look. Ultimately, you spend the most time in this space, so you are the final judge when it comes to decide what is aesthetically pleasing and what isn't. Use color as the tool to unify all the elements of your kitchen and make them work in harmony with you to create your desired result.