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Your Home’s Protective Shield

Year in, year out, your roof takes a beating. As your first line of defense against the sun, rain, wind, snow, ice, and hail, your roof plays a critical role in protecting your greatest investment.

Purchasing a new roof is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make for your home, so it’s important that it’s done right and that you have someone standing behind the work for years to come.

Partnering With Success

At Perez Design Build Remodel, we have teamed up with two of the largest, most successful roofing manufacturers in America, offering you a quick, professional installation backed by the most comprehensive warranties in the roofing industry.

These certifications place us in the top 2% of installers across the country.

Our Roofing Services

At Perez Design Build Remodel, we will help you to determine the proper roof system for your current conditions, and provide you with a range of options that will hold a warranty and give you the maximum protection for your roof replacement project.

Our Roofing Services include:

    •  Metal Roofing  – Ribbed Panel or Standing Seam (Hidden Fasteners)
    •  Shingle Roofing  –  Standard to Lifetime Warranty
    •  Rubber Roofing  –  White & Black EPDM
    •  Flat Roofing –  Granulated & Non-granulated
    •  Gutters, Gutter Guards & Downspouts

Financing options are available. No Payments or Interest for a Year.

Choosing a roof system

When selecting a new roof system, cost, durability, aesthetics, and architectural style are important considerations. At Perez Design/Build, we offer high performance, high quality residential roofing materials in a range of textures, colors and style profiles, all backed by a strong warranty program.

The following are the most commonly used residential roof replacement options in Northeast PA:

Asphalt shingles are the most widely used roofing products, and can be reinforced with organic materials (cellulose) or fiberglass materials. Organic and fiberglass products are economical, available in architectural grades that offer a textured appearance, come in a variety of colors, and work with a variety of architectural styles.

Metal roofing  products are designed to simulate traditional roofing products such as tile, shingles, and wood shakes and have become increasingly popular due to their longevity, resistance to extreme weather conditions, and aesthetic options. Metal roofs are available as panels and shingles, and come in aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and zinc.

Tips: Signs Your Roof May Need Roof Replacement

A deteriorated roof can result in costly repairs. In just a few hours, a leak can damage sheet rock, resulting in ruined walls, mold, and mildew stains.  Left untended, that leak can result in serious structural damage, so be sure to pay close attention to the following warning signs:

    • Your roof is at least 20 years old
    • The roof looks old and worn
    • Loose, cracked, blistered or missing shingles
    • The edges of the shingles are curled
    • Shingle tabs are cupped
    • Bald spots where granules are missing
    • Shingle granules in rain gutters
    • Sagging between rafters or near ridges
    • Missing or damaged flashing or boot covers to roof penetrations
    • Water pooling caused by separations in flashing
    • Depressions near vent pipes
    • Moss and algae growth
    • Water spots on your ceiling or walls
    • Water spots or wet roof decking (seen through the attic)

Tips: Choose Carefully

Roofing is amongst the top complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Before awarding the job, make sure you are dealing with a legitimate roofing contractor.

    • Check the Better Business Bureau. See if there is any complaint activity on the company you are considering or if the “company” even exists.

    • Check the Attorney Generals website. Is the contractor registered as required by the state? A PA registration number should be visible each time you see their logo or name. If you do not see a PA registration number, they are NOT registered with the Attorney General’s office and are operating illegally.

    • Ask for credentials.  Backing by a third party will say a lot about a company.  If they are backed by no one, then there’s likely a reason.

    • Ask for references. Any legitimate roofer should be able to provide extensive references in your area.

    • Ask around. Good news travels fast and bad news travels even faster! You will be surprised what type of information you will find when you simply ask around about different roofing contractors.

Tips: Protect Your Investment and Your Home

Roofing is a high liability business.  At any time your home can be opened up to the weather, exposing your entire investment to potential disaster. Make sure your investment is protected.

    • Ask to see a copy of the contractor’s Liability Insurance before awarding the job.

    • Be sure the policy will be in place throughout the term of the project and is a large enough policy to cover the complete roof replacement cost of your home.

    • Ask to see a copy of the contractor’s Worker's Compensation Policy. Worker's Compensation Insurance protects you - the homeowner - from potential lawsuits should any injury occur during the installation. Any legitimate contractor will be pleased to present you with a copy

    • Be sure the policy will be in place for the duration of your project.

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