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When thinking of building a new home picking the land is a very important starting point to the process. From finding a piece of property to site evaluation and financing we will help you take your new home project from concept to completion.  We can help you find land in Northeastern Pensylvania to build your home wether it is in a development or just a piece of property for sale.  We work closely with local real estate agents to find the perfect place for your new home. Once the right place is picked our in-house experts will work as one team along side of you to identify what your needs are and find the right solutions to bring your project in line with your vision.

Stonewood Estates

Perez is proud to be working with Stonewood Estates to bring you one of Abington's best kept secrets. These lots are beautifully situated in the Newton Ransom area of Clarks Summit, PA and have great views of the local Northeastern Pennsylvania landscape. Currently the lots in this development are up for sale. To check out the lot all of the lots for sale please click here.  If you would like ot download a map of the lots please click here.   If you have any questions please contact us.

Click here for a full description of each lot.